I’ve been writing tech-blogs recently but what I love writing is about life and experiences, so here I am.. Not losing my area of interest and making a tiny impact on an individual who’s hurt over losing a chance in life.

There had been a time in my life when nothing made sense. Why am I doing this? I don’t even like it! I was a medical student in my intermediate but I never liked studying it. Thanks to my brother who made it possible for me to pass the exams as I was not even a bit interested in…

Git Commands

While working on GitHub in a team, you need to fetch and push your code constantly. The constant code pull and push might result in a hair-pulling event for your colleague if you push the file with errors in the main or master branch. Yeah, I’ve done it. Proudly? yes! Because.. why not make mistakes and learn, when you’re still a beginner? 😎.

Anyway, let’s stop gritting our teeth while collaborating and use easy git commands that I’ve gathered here with simple descriptions of each.

When you enter the programming world, one of the most important things one must learn is how to keep a backup and track of files. It could be a hassle if you could not get back to the older versions of your program or lose your code because of a file/system crash. I’ve been there and the game becomes frustrating when you could not find the backup.

To help in tracking changes and files, Github offers great help. While learning full-stack development at Jadu Full Stack Fellowship Program, along with many other things, I also learned how to keep changes…


When you step further inside the world of the frontend, you’d want to add some more liveliness and dynamism to your website. That’s where DOM comes for you. DOM is a Document Object Model.

The Document Object Model is an interface that helps the browser to create a tree-type structure of HTML elements. Each branch of the tree represents all the objects present in the HTML document. That’s why it is said DOM, i.e. a model which represents the objects of the document.

When I learned about website responsiveness, CSS Grids and Flexbox were the most difficult for me to understand. The first question that crawled in my mind was, what’s the difference between them? As from what I learned, I picked that I can use them both for almost the same purposes. So, I tried to dive into this mini pond of terminologies and found some basic points that make them different from each other. I hope they’d help you in a better understanding of grids and flexboxes as well.

Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset

While listening to this week’s session of my online soft skills class, I found out that I’ve been once a part of a fixed mindset. That’s what almost every one of us has been once. Isn’t it? When we tried to give our destiny and fate the reason for our failures? “ Oh, I was meant to fail. It was fate. I can’t do anything, etc etc.” Instead of going towards the reasons for failure, and trying to improve, we tried to let go of it with such expressions. But, did it let us grow then? Nope. Never. At least…

Hey folks. I’m back with another episode of the Jadu Full-Stack Developer Fellowship Program. My previous article was all about technical stuff and coding. But guess what? Jadu is not all about technical skills. It focuses on non-technical skills i.e. soft skills as much as it focuses on technical skills. Sir Saad, our mentor for the program discusses these soft skills with some fun practices and practical examples. Let’s have a look at this week’s learning!

The topic for this week’s non-technical skills was all about Personal Branding. How a person brands himself with the unique combination of skills and…

Ever wondered how a webpage is created? How you can see these texts and images, floating around the website or sticking in one place no matter how much you scroll? Let’s consider me a free tour guide and I’ll take you to the backside of the website with the help of the Jadu Full Stack Fellowship Program.


To create a website, the most basic language we use is HTML. The full form of HTML is HyperText Markup Language. This is the simplest language that is used to create the basic skeleton of any website. It mainly consists of tags. The…

Nowadays, everything is becoming digital. Old means of teaching and learning are also getting eradicated and a new era is evolving where everyone is concerned about digital literacy. Home-Schooling is also becoming a new trend for this generation’s parents. Is it the right choice? Well, the debate is never-ending. But, to get the best results from children even when homeschooling, it is required to occupy the best accessory, and a good laptop is one of the most needed tools to get the best outcome from children. Thus, I have gathered a list of top-notch laptops to help you in home-schooling.

Rida Jamil

Rida Jamil is a Web developer and learning to become a Full Stack Developer. Tech-writing is one of the many skills that make her stand out from her colleagues!

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